Zhejiang Development Zones Road Show in Shanghai successfully held

AddTime:2015-9-18 14:40:08

Sponsored by Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province (Zhejiang DOC) and organized by our center, Zhejiang Development Zones Road Show in Shanghai was successfully held in shanghai on September 17th. Deputy Ma Hongtao of Zhejiang DOC hosted the road show and Deputy Secretary General Chen Zongyao re remarked. Representatives from 11 municipal departments of commerce and 44 development zones showed their presence and met 80-plus foreign institutions and international companies including the world fortune 500 companies, a great gathering of nearly 260 guests.
This road show, with “New Normal, New Opportunity” as the theme, takes the innovative form of dialogue. It has three topics including introducing typical industries of Zhejiang and discussing innovative development ways for development zones, present and future development of nation-specific industrial parks in Zhejiang, and voice from the international cooperation partners.
The event was a success. Foreign and Zhejiang representatives were satisfied with the innovative form and rich content. It’s a real and concrete work Zhejiang DOC has done to help development zones to show themselves, promote attracting foreign investment and contribute to Zhejiang’s economic transformation and upgrading.