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Zhejiang Belt and Road Projects Matchmaking Symposium was held successfully in Beijing
AddTime:2015-5-5 17:56:59

On April 28th, sponsored by Department of Commerce of Zhejiang, co-organized by China Development Bank Zhejiang Branch, Export-Import Bank Zhejiang Branch and China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Zhejiang Branch, undertook by Zhejiang International Investment Promotion Center, Zhejiang Outward Investment Enterprises Association and Zhejiang International Contractors Association, “Zhejiang Belt and Road Projects Matchmaking Symposium” was held successfully in Beijing.
With the theme of "active integration with the Belt and Road strategy and build a new pattern of opening cooperation", we invited more than 30 key enterprises in Zhejiang Province to attend the meeting where the leaders from Ministry of Commerce, Export-Import Bank of China, China Development Bank, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and ASEAN fund delivered speeches and exchanged ideas with Zhejiang’s entrepreneurs on cooperation on financial support for cooperative projects.
Mr. Zhou Rixing, Director-General of Department of Commerce of Zhejiang, pointed out at the meeting that Zhejiang Province plays an important role in participation of “Belt and Road” vision and action which is published jointly by three Ministries. Zhejiang will start by economic and trade cooperation and give full play to the dominant position in the global light industry, consumer goods production and international procurement to further optimize the industrial layout of Zhejiang along the Belt and Road. Furthermore Zhejiang will expand economic and trade cooperation fostering new cooperation carrier, creating new highlights of cooperation and building a new platform for cooperation thus setting up the strategic position of Zhejiang in co-ordination and integration of land and sea, East and West.