Economic and Trade exchanges activities between Belarus and Zhejiang were held successfully in Minsk

AddTime:2015-6-17 16:14:41

May 9 to 11, Provincial Governor Li Qiang led a delegation of Zhejiang and carried out a friendly visit in Belarus during which he met with the Governor of Minsk State and established friendly relations between the Province and the State. The economic and trade exchanges activities achieved fruitful results. The Director-General of Department of Commerce Zhou Rixing, Deputy Director-General of Department of Commerce Han Jie and more than 30 entrepreneurs participated the activities in Belarus.


11 morning, China - Belarus Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum was held in Minsk, the government leaders of eight provinces (municipalities) were invited to participate in the forum. Heads of the two state delivered important speeches. Governor Li Qiang attended the forum and delivered a speech. At present, the economic and trade cooperation between Zhejiang and Belarus is rapidly heating up. Zhejiang is willing to join hands with the governments and enterprises of Belarus to further expand bilateral exchanges and cooperation in industry, agriculture, commerce, trade logistics and other areas allowing more goods into the Belarus market in Zhejiang as well as promoting Zhejiang’s enterprises to invest in Belarus thus creating more opportunities in the economic and trade cooperation and making greater contribution. More than 20 entrepreneurs also participated in the forum. 10 afternoon, Li Qiang signed the Zhejiang - Minsk sister province agreement with the governor of Minsk.


11 afternoon, Governor of Zhejiang Province Li Qiang held talks with the governor of Minsk .Li Qiang said the visit of chairman President Xi open up new space for the cooperation between Zhejiang and Minsk.        


The Governor of Minsk extend his welcome to Governor Li Qiang and the delegation. He said that Zhejiang is one of China's most dynamic province and the “Belt and Road" strategy have built a new platform for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides. He hopes to take the delegation's visit as an opportunity to deepen understanding of each other and achieve mutual benefits.


Meanwhile, more than 20 companies organized by the Department of Commerce carry out face to face economic and trade exchanges with organizations and enterprises of Minsk. And the leaders of these companies said that they should seize the good opportunity to carry out more substantive cooperation.


11 afternoon, under the leadership of Governor Li Qiang, the Zhejiang delegation investigated Geely (Belarus) Motors Limited, dairy processing plants, meat processing plants and the Sino-Belarus industrial park.