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Canada—China (Zhejiang) Economic Cooperation Forum Successfully Held

On November 7th 2014, Canada—China (Zhejiang) Economic Cooperation Forum is successfully held at Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel. Zhejiang Governor Li Qiang and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper attend the opening ceremony and deliver speeches. Leaders from two sides introduce the bilateral economic and trade exchanges and express their expectations for future cooperation. Subsequently, nearly 100 Canadian entrepreneurs and 350-plus Zhejiang counterparts exchange with each other during sector break out match-making event.
This big high-scale event is a great success. Co-hosted by Zhejiang Department of Commerce and Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai and Zhejiang, it’s undertaken by our center. According to Canadian requirements, we organize nearly 400 relevant Zhejiang representatives to this event within two weeks. The event turns out to be effective and efficient.
More than 40 Canadian companies in the fields of technology innovation, investment finance, agriculture and tourism attend the event and each averagely exchanges with 5 Zhejiang companies. Those companies regarding technology innovation and agriculture are the most popular.
After the meeting, the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai expresses many thanks to us for our help, saying that Canadian companies find it’s worth coming all the way to Zhejiang. It is sure that this successful event will further economic and trade cooperation between Zhejiang and Canada.