Zhejiang International Investment Promotion Center (ZIIPC) was established in 2001 under approval of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. As a state-run institution affiliated to the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, the center undertakes an important task of introducing the investment environment and industrial policy of Zhejiang Province, attracting foreign investment, and encouraging local enterprises to “Go global”, thus realizing leapfrog development. With the new service system of “One Acceptance,Whole Services”, ZIIPC consists of 8 departments and affiliations, namely Administration Department, Foreign Investment Promotion Department ,Outward Investment Promotion Department, Liaison Department, 96357 International Investment Public Service Platform, Zhejiang Complaint Center for Foreign-Invested Enterprises (Complaints Handling Department), Zhejiang International Investment Service Center, Zhejiang Commercial Human Resources Exchange Service Center, the last two of them have established branches all around the province and extensive business network nationwide.
 Its main responsibilities are:
1.Implementing state policy, laws and regulations investment, introducing investment environment and industrial
information of Zhejiang Province;
2.Assisting foreign institutions and investors with business visit in Zhejiang Province, supporting Department of Commerce of Zhejiang
Province, Bureau of Commerce of prefecture-level cities and economic zones to implement high-quality programs by project promotion and follow-up service.
3.Implementing the "Go Global" strategy advocated by the provincial govemment, creating favorable conditions for Zhejiang enterprises who intend to be listed overseas, do transnational business, contract projects and export labors, helping lower the cost of going global and offering quality services;
4.Promoting two-way investment by organizing activities in multi-forms, both at home and abroad;
5. Providing services for foreign investors, i_e_ project consultation,technology assessment, market analysis, feasibility study, procedure agent, administrative application and approval;
6. Offering  agent  service  in  establishing  and  registering foreign-invested enterprise and foreign representative offices in Zhejiang Province; offering human resources management services
for Chinese employees;
7.Providing human resources outsourcing services for domestic organizations, i_e_ state-owned institutions, non-state enterprises and
private companies;
8.Organizing two-way investment promotion related business training and overseas training for senior personnel, the test and certificate issuance of national freight forwarding qualification and dispatched labors; organizing various forums on foreign-related economy;
9. Handling complaints of foreign investors; providing legal consultation and agent service in lawsuit and arbitration;
10. Responsible for directing and liaising investment promotion and complaints handling organizations at national, provincial and municipal level, as well as at provincial economic development zones in Zhejiang
Foreign Investment Promotion Department
Outward Investment Promotion Department
Liaison Department
As key departments promoting international investment, Foreign Investment Promotion Department, Outward Investment Promotion Department have been doing the following work:
(I) Organizing, undertaking and co-organizing key investment promotion events
The two departments have organized and co-organized hundreds of investment promotion activities at home and abroad, including: Sino-US “Zhejiang Week”, Hong Kong & Macau “Zhejiang Week”, and China Zhejiang Investment Seminar (in Seoul, Korea) led by Mr. Xi Jinping, Chairman of the P.R.C., and General Secretary of CPC Central Committee (then-Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee); Macau “Zhejiang Week” , Zhejiang—New Jersey Investment and Trade Symposium & Zhejiang-Indiana Investment and Trade Symposium led by Mr. Zhao Hongzhu, Secretariat of CPC Central Committee (then-Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee); Zhejiang—Shizuoka Investment and Trade Symposium,Wellington region—Zhejinag Business Exchange Symposium, Zhejiang—Western Australia Trade Events led by Mr. Xia Baolong, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee (then-Governor of Zhejiang Province); Russia “Zhejiang Week”, Hong Kong “Zhejiang Week”, France “Zhejiang Week”, business events in Germany, investment and trade promotion seminars in Nigeria, Egypt and Turkey, Taiwan-Zhejiang economic and trade cultural cooperation forum, business events in Indonesia led by Mr. Lv Zushan, then-Governor of Zhejiang Province; Singapore “Zhejiang Week”, the opening ceremony of China Zhejiang Center in Singapore, sessions of Singapore-Zhejiang Economic & Trade Council, and Singapore-Zhejiang Economic Cooperation Seminar led by Mr. Zhong Shan, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Commerce (then-Vice-Governor of Zhejiang Province); visiting delegation to Germany, Bulgaria and Vietnam, and business events in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates led by Mr. Gong Zheng, Standing Member of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Executive Vice-Governor of Zhejiang Province (then-Vice-Governor of Zhejiang Province); Major Events of China Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium(ZJTIS)such as Zhejiang Industrial Agglomeration Areas & Multinational Corporations Networking Symposium as well as Networking Meeting between Strategic Emerging Industries in Zhejiang and World Top 500 Companies;China International Fair for Investment and Trade Zhejiang Delegation programs; Zhejiang-Japan Business Investment Seminar and Zhejiang-Japan Investment and Sightseeing Seminar (Tokyo, Japan); Pécs Expo in Hungary; the seventh China Arts Festival; Sweden Day in Hangzhou; Seminar on Cooperation in Jointly Exploring International Market by Zhejiang and Hong Kong enterprises; Shanghai Sino-Spanish Enterprises Investment Cooperation Seminar; International Sourcing Conference (Shanghai, China); Britain Investment Seminar; Denmark Investment Promotion Seminar; Zhejiang-Hong Kong Investment Promotion Work Seminar; Business Networking Between Enterprises of Zhejiang Province and Holland; Schleswig-Holstein Industrial and Economic Cooperation Conference; co-organizing UNIDO Africa Investment Seminar; Access USA Investment Forum, Chinese Companies Going Public in Germany Seminar; Germany IPR Auction Promotion Meeting; Nigeria Investment Seminar; Bulgaria Business Networking Session (Sofia and Varna); Croatia Zagreb Business Networking Session; Conference on Cooperation between Zhejiang Enterprises and International Investment; Seminar on Industrial Waste Water Treatment co-sponsored with one of the Top 500, Mitsui; China Zhejiang—Yorkshire & Humber Trade Symposium; two-way investment promotion events in UK and North Europe; Zhejiang—Western Australia Trade, Investment and Financing Fair; Sino (Zhejiang)—Japan Service Outsourcing Cooperation Forum; China Zhejiang International Business Week; Sino (Zhejiang)-Vietnam Business Cooperation forum; Sino-Nigeria Business and Investment Forum; Botswana-Zhejiang Investment Forum; Zhejiang-Barcelona Business and Investment Exchange Seminar; and Zhejiang-Japan Business Cooperation Network Seminar, Indonesia Trade and Economic Symposium, China Zhejiang-Italy Enterprises Networking Meeting etc.
(II) Strengthening relationship with overseas institutions, organizing delegations to visit abroad, assisting foreign merchants with business visit in Zhejiang Province and facilitating investment cooperation
Every year, the two departments receive more than 50 overseas delegations of government, business institution and enterprise, introduce them to the investment environment and policies, recommend investment project, help them seek partners, accompany on site visit, and facilitate cooperation on project.
Meanwhile, the two departments have organized over 20 local delegations (150 person-times) annually to present Zhejiang’s investment environment and key projects for investment, negotiate project, learn advanced experience in the park planning and management, familiarize them with local investment environment and policies, seek business partner, and further facilitate two-way investment and economic cooperation. For example, attracting investment to the economic development zones, extending networking among service, outsourcing, advanced manufacturing, real estate, environmental protection and auto parts industries, investigating well-built industrial park, and, as part of the “Go Global” strategy, paying site visit to prepare the industrial park construction, investment, contracting and explore international marketing network.
(III) Collecting event information and developing customer network
The two departments collect information of domestic and overseas investment promotion activities, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and forums while releasing information of international investment and project open for cooperation, develop client network, publish promotional materials such as the annual “Zhejiang China” pamphlet, and conduct subject study on investment project. Dialog and cooperation with the government, business association, investment promotion institute, business agency, Chinese embassy and consulate in overseas countries and the foreign counterparts in China, Zhejiang enterprises investing overseas and industrial parks are significantly enhanced toward building a multi-dimensional, full-ranged client network.
96357 International Investment Public Service Platform
96357 International Investment Public Service Platform is one of the major projects entrusted by Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province to 7hejiang International Investment Promotion Center Adhering to the principle of "Unified Platform, Shared Resource", the platform fully integrates investment information and statistics home and abroad. Promoting investment environment of Zhejiang Province by means of modern communications,the platform aims to make an "Attract in" and "Go global" investment strategy to promote the economic transformation and upgrading and complete an efficient and convenient information service platform, thus injecting a vigorous power into the
innovation and development of investment promotion work of our province.The target users of 96357 International Investment Public Service Platform are enterprises and individuals who intend to invest overseas from Zhejiang or invest to our province from abroad. The operation of the platform will not only improve the government service but also take the advantage of informatization to better service.
Function Introduction
Based on investment data library, 96357 International Investment Public Service Platform consists of two sectors:
 the call center and the information center.
1. Call Center:With a unified hotline number 96357, the center accepts investment consultation from Zhejiang and foreign
companies and individuals. It offers 24 hours non-stop service to answer questions related to investment by manual reply a
by voice record.
2 Information Center Based on the Internet. it consists of 6 modules Investment Information, Investment Guide, Outward
Investment, Investment Promotion, Projects Matchmaking and Complaints Handling The function of Map in modules of
Outward Investment and Investment Promotion and functions of Online Matchmaking and Online Business Events in module
Project Matchmaking are 3 innovative distinctive modes.
Federation of Investment Promotion Agencies of Zhejiang
Under the guidance of Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Federation of Investment Promotion Agencies of Zhejiang is a professional conference mechanism voluntarily organized and participated by the representative investment promotion organizations all over the province. It is aimed to strengthen the guidance and coordination on investment promotion services in the province as a whole, and give full play to the special advantages of different regions and expand the channel for investment promotion. Through learning from success and common practices home and abroad, and promoting investment according to local condition, the members share client resources and gradually build an international investment promotion network system distinct of Zhejiang features.
The establishment of Federation of Investment Promotion Agencies of Zhejiang was jointly advocated by Zhejiang International Investment Promotion Center, Ningbo Foreign Investment Promotion Center and Taizhou International Investment Promotion Center, with 41 members from almost every city, county (county-level city and district) with expanded administrative rights in Zhejiang.
The executive body, the Secretariat, is set in Zhejiang International Investment Promotion Center, the Standing Chairman of the Federation at the same time in charge of coordination, planning, organizing and implementing the provincial investment promotion activities.
 Zhejiang Complaint Center for Foreign Invested Enterprises
Complaints Handling Department
To further improve the investment environment of Zhejiang Province by handling complaints of foreign-funded enterprises (including businesses from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province approved to set up Zhejiang Complaint Center for Foreign Invested Enterprises (Zhejiang Complaint Service Center for Taiwan Invested Enterprises). Implementing the Provisional Measures of Handling Complaints from Foreign Invested Enterprises in Zhejiang, the center is mainly responsible for coordinating complaints from foreign invested enterprises in the province, handling complaints arisen from foreign-funded enterprises legally established in Zhejiang and their investors, urging, inspecting and coordinating the process of major complaint issues, studying, analyzing cases and giving suggestions on how to better make policy and work, offering advice and help to solve disputes that occur in foreign investment, assisting with lawsuit and arbitration, providing policy and legal consultation and services.

Zhejiang International Investment Service Center

Zhejiang International Investment Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the Service Center) is a foreign-related service institution authorized by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province to provide services for foreign is affiliated to the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and is a council member of China Association of Foreign Service Trades.With headquarter located in Hangzhou, the Service Center has spread its branch offices over the province. It has built extensivebusiness network and cooperation relationships with customers not only nationwide but also abroad.Ever since its foundation, the Service Center has integrated information globally over domestic and abroad trade, foreign investment, outward investment and collaboration, service trade,etc. It is contributed to offering domestic and foreign enterprises,including World Top 500 enterprises, with professional project
solutions by means of all in one service.
Its main business range contains:
1.Various types of consulting services, including consultations on investment  environment,  policies,  management,  law  and legislation, financing, commerce, accounting, tax and human resource regulation, etc.
2.Due diligence services, including analysis on market, policy and financial affairs, and services of listing as well as investing and financing for enterpnses.
3.Services on strategy planning, operation guidance,salary design, brand management and financial affairs and taxes agency
4.To undertake foreign investment and collaboration projects and offer services throughout the project, including feasibility study, valuation,  project proposal,  government approval,  record,registration and various related certificates afterwards, merger and acquisition, asset reconstruction, finance lease, corporation listing, annual checking, alteration and deregistration
5.To provide set of service helping native substantial enterprises invest abroad, including collecting market information from different continents and assist enterprises to reduce cost,integrate diverse resources efficiently and promote investments abroad, like merger and acquisition, set up a company or a branch office, etc.
Being the one and only organization at provincial level that offers services in foreign investment and economic cooperation In Zhejiang, the Service Center not only possesses a unique advantage within the province, but has also extended business
network all over the world Currenty, many rated multinational corporations Ike Bentley Motors, Porsche, Boloni, Bain Capital, Disney, General Flectric, Chia Tai Group, Decathlon, ToysRUs,Hobo Uptown, Carglass, Watsons, Panasonic, Nike, Sephora, Air Celine, Christine Dior,Fendi,Loewe,Louis Vuitton,UPS,YKK and ZARA.etc,have become the Service Center's VIP customers.
With a team of which many managements and staff are graduated from international or national famous universities and has plenty experience in foreign service, the Service Center is
consistently n high pursuit of sahstymg and offering value-added services for customers in line with the sprit of 'Integrity,Dedicated, Pioneering, Creative', and has taken the lead within
industry. We will continuay adhere to providing specialized services and will devote ourselves to build a comprehensive international service institution that is 'Mul&faceted, Diversified
and High-level'to offer optimum project solutions to domestic and foreign enterprises, and become the flagship brand in the field of investment promotion services in China.

Zhejiang Commercial Human Resources Exchange and Service Center

(formerly Zhejiang Foreign Trade Human Resources Exchange and Service Center) is the one and only provincial service organization in commercial system of Zhejiang Province (formerly organizational system of foreign trade) that is authorized by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security to conduct human resources exchange in commercial circles. It also serves as Zhejang International Service Outsourcing Talents Training Institution, the commercial base of Zhejiang Talents Exchange Center, the practice center of National Electronic Information Industry Base, Zhejiang Provincial Operation Center of National Service Outsourcing Skills Test, Zhejiang Provincial Outsourcing Labor Test Center, Zhejiang branch of Jiangxi University Graduates Employment Guidance Center, the Internship Base for Employment and Start-up of Hangzhou Youth Entrepreneurs Association, and Hangzhou University Graduates Intern and Training Base. It is also the member unit of China association of Foreign Service Industry, Shanghai Talents Service Industry Association and the Vice President Company of Zhejiang Human Resource Service Industry Association.Consisting of eight departments, named Administration Department, Department of Foreign Enterprise Service, Department of National HR Agency, Department of Career Guidance, Department of HR Outsourci g Service, Department of Commission Recruitment, Department of Trainng. Department of Enterprise Service, the Center has set up 11 sub-branches throughout the province. It has built a brand new and special employment service system by having established Quick-Search Employment Information Cloud Platform for universities and enterprises, HR Service Outsourcing Plaza, Oversee High-Level Talents One Stop Service Hat and Haop HR National Service Platform. Iprovides excellent employment services for college and university graduates, with high attention from provincial and municipal government leaders and tracking reports from mass media such as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and Zhejiang Daily.Relying on the background of Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, the center is becoming a special talents service institution with university students' job-hunting and lodging, job-hunting skills training, salesmen training, investment inviting training, talents hunter.
commission recruitment, on-site job fats, match-making fair for universities and enterprises, talents dispatching, HR agency and registered permanent residence and personnel We management Focusing on the outsourcirg of non-me business of enterprises, the center aims to help control HR risk, optimize HR cost and take foreign-related service as the advantage to improve the investment envrorcnert of the province and logistics support to foreign investors.The center adheres to the principle which is Unity, Corporation, Open and Integrity, endeavoring to provide all in one service to foreign enterprises, cormiercial and trade enterprises, service outsourcing enterprises and E-commerce enterprises.
Human Resource Allocation Service Center
Mass delivery of social workers
Graduates of junior college and technical secondary school
intern recommendation
Matchmaking fair for universities and enterprises , HR dispatch
Enterprise Finance and Tax Service Center
Optimization of HR cost
Salary and welfare outsourcing, Tax planning
Practice training of fiscal and taxation laws and regulations
Training and Certification Service Center
Series of intelligent management training
National professional qualification training
International training projects certification
Enterprise online education and training
Oversea High-Level Talents Service Center
Oversea high-level talents introduction
Oversea intelligent projects introduction
Salary outsourcing of oversea high-level talents
Application for Foreign Employment Permit
Policies and Laws Advisory Service Center
Labor laws consultation. HR risk audit. Practice training of labor laws
and regulations. Labor arbitration and lawsuit tutoring
Management Advisory Service Center
HR management consultation, Finance management consultation
Quality management, Production management consultation
International Commerce Service Center
Oversee visit and exchange, Oversee emergency service
Oversee study, Output of expatriate labor training
Enterprise Managed Service Center
HR managed service, Finance managed service
Production managed service, E-commerce managed service
Foreign Enterprise Service Center
One-stop service for set up of representative office
Qualified professional provincial foreign-related institution
Agent for the application for Foreigners Employment Permit
Logistics support to foreign investors
Quick-Search Employment Information Cloud Platform
for Universities and Enterprises
National talents recruitment, Enterprise recruitment information
release, University graduates job-hunting information release
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