Zhejiang International Investment Service Center

Zhejiang International Investment Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the Service Center) is a foreign-related service institution authorized by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province to provide services for foreign investors. It is affiliated to the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and is a council member of China Association of Foreign Service Trades. The Service Center has established branches all over the province and extensive business network nationwide. The Hangzhou headquarter consists of five departments.
Department of General Office
It is responsible for logistics and security, coordination, personnel, labor affairs, financial management and Exhibition services.
Department of Business Agent
It mainly offers agent service for investment projects of domestic and foreign enterprises.
Department of Foreign-funded Enterprise Service
It offers service of establishing and managing permanent representative office of foreign-funded enterprise, and dispatching Chinese employee.
Department of Public Affair
It is responsible for handling public affair of all business segments, managing relationship with other enterprises and organizations, and coordinating with other business segments.
Department of Operation Planning
It offers service of operation planning, salary planning and financial, tax agency services.
Keeping the philosophy of ‘Client First and Best Service’ in mind since the day it is established, the Service Center has been working towards providing full quality services for domestic and foreign enterprises.
Introduction of Main Businesses:
1. Investment Consultation
It provides consultation on investment environment, policy, laws and regulations, finance, taxation, labor and personnel, etc.
2. Strategic Planning
It provides services including market research and analysis, policy interpretation, and financial analysis, etc.
3. Operation Planning
It offers service of operation planning, salary planning and financial, tax agency services for clients.
4 . It provides agent service for foreign-funded enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan enterprises), i.e. feasibility study, establishment, alteration, and write-off of business, M&A, capital change, confirmation of encouraged project, import check of technical renovation equipment, and corporate listing. It helps domestic company set up business or branches overseas .It provides agent service for pre-approval procedures, i.e., hygiene license, food production license, environmental protection license, fire prevention license and pollution permit, etc.; and also for procedures required when the enterprise is established, i.e. trademark application, seal engraving, organization code certificate, bank account opening, registration of tax, finance, statistics and customs, and e-port transaction, etc.
5. It provides agent service in running approval and registration procedures for the establishment, annual inspection and alteration of foreign permanent representative offices in Zhejiang Province; it helps Chinese employee dispatch and management, including handling legal recruitment procedure, social insurance and its transfer, personnel transfer, commercial insurance and offering related legal advice, managing personnel archives and household register, declaring titles for technical personnel, and solving legal dispute; it also assists the representative office with administrative affairs should they occur.
Being the one and only organization at provincial level that offers services in foreign investment and economic cooperation in Zhejiang, the Service Center enjoys distinct privileges in doing business and boasts extensive network and cooperation with clients at home and abroad. Many top multinational corporations are on our VIP list, including Bentley Motors, Porsche, Boloni, Bain Capital, Disney, Decathlon, Toysrus, Hotin Uptown, Belron, Watsons, Panasonic, Sephora, Air Asia, Zegna , Jetstar Airways, Xizi Otis, Lotus, Celine, CD, Fendi, LOEWE, LV, UPS, YKK, and ZARA, etc.
With the spirit of being ‘Practical, Dedicated, Pioneering and Creative’, the Service Center works as the service window of an opening Zhejiang, and it has never ceased to seek clients’ satisfaction. It will be expanding its business scale and service scope in the days to come, towards becoming a comprehensive international service institution embracing a multi-faceted, diversified and high-level work system.
Zhejiang International Investment Service Center
Add:466 Yan’an Road ,Hangzhou ,Zhejiang
P.C. 310006
Fax:+86-571-2893 9315,2893 9386
General Office
 Tel.:+86-571-2893 9316,2820 3289
Business Agent
 Tel.:+86-571-2893 9318,2899 5009
    Foreign-funded Enterprises Service
 Tel.:+86-571-2893 9328,2806 5058
Department of Public Affairs
   Tel.:+86-571-2893 9322,2806 5059
 Department of Operation planning
     Tel.:+86-571-2899 5007