Zhejiang Complaint Center for Foreign Invested Enterprises(Complaints Handling Department)

To further improve the investment environment of Zhejiang Province by handling complaints of foreign-funded enterprises (including businesses from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province approved to set up Zhejiang Complaint Center for Foreign Invested Enterprises (Zhejiang Complaint Service Center for Taiwan Invested Enterprises). Implementing the Provisional Measures of Handling Complaints from Foreign Invested Enterprises in Zhejiang, the center is mainly responsible for coordinating complaints from foreign invested enterprises in the province, handling complaints arisen from foreign-funded enterprises legally established in Zhejiang and their investors, urging, inspecting and coordinating the process of major complaint issues, studying, analyzing cases and giving suggestions on how to better make policy and work, offering advice and help to solve disputes that occur in foreign investment, assisting with lawsuit and arbitration, providing policy and legal consultation and services.