Service Features

1. Implementing state policy, laws and regulations on foreign investment, introducing investment environment and industrial information of Zhejiang Province;
2. Assisting foreign institutions and investors with business visit in Zhejiang Province, supporting Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Bureau of Commerce of prefecture-level cities and economic zones to implement high-quality programs by project promotion and track service.
3. Implementing the “Go Global” strategy advocated by the provincial government, creating favorable conditions for Zhejiang enterprises who intend to be listed overseas, do transnational business, contract projects and export labors, helping lower the cost of going global and offering quality services;
4. Promoting two-way investment by organizing activities in multi-forms, both at home and abroad;
5. Providing services for foreign investors, i.e. project consultation, technology assessment, market analysis, feasibility study, procedure agent, administrative application and approval;
6. Offering agent service in establishing and registering foreign-invested enterprise and foreign representative offices in Zhejiang Province; offering human resources management services for Chinese employees;
7. Providing human resources outsourcing services for domestic organizations, i.e. state-owned institutions, non-state enterprises and private companies;
8. Organizing two-way investment promotion related business training and overseas training for senior personnel, responsible for the test and certificate issuance of national freight forwarding qualification and dispatched labors; organizing various forums on foreign-related economy;
9. Handling complaints of foreign investors; providing legal consultation and agent service in lawsuit and arbitration;
10. Responsible for directing and liaising investment promotion and complaints handling organizations at national, provincial and municipal level, as well as at provincial economic development zones in Zhejiang.